Friday, July 20, 2012

weibo 7/20 Wuhan-Beijing ended

7/20 15:57 Wuhan-Beijing trip has come to an end. Truly have gained a  lot. I'm grateful to all new and old friends' affection and support on this trip. Thanks for your trouble on my behalf. Your presence once again reinforced that I am indeed blessed. (I will not numerate each and everyone of you because of the limitation placed on the number of characters. Anyway, you all understand) Beijing, au revoir.

ETA: 7/21 Steven left Beijing and the very next day, 7/22 the heaviest storm to hit Beijing in six decades, closing airports and causing massive flooding.  And the storm will get worse tomorrow. Steven was so lucky to have left Beijing when he did

Upcoming events for Steven in Hong Kong
7/22: Steven most probably will drop by at HK Book Fair between 2:30 - 4pm to show support to Tsui Yong Yong who will be there during that time period to promote her book on HK artists spanning 30 years. Her book begins with Leslie Cheung and ends with Steven.

7/29: Steven is the only friend from the entertainment circle invited to Dexter Young's wedding banquet, He will be part of the groom's 'brothers'.  Dexter and wife have earlier on registered their marriage last May.

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