Thursday, July 5, 2012

LOTYEF - pix

I guess those of us who love Steven are all so choked up at watching LOTYEF preview especially Steven's scenes because their existence came at such a high price to him.

tsui yy 7/6/2012 Recall that day, Siu Ming gor waited until the very last minute, and still tried to think of ways to wait for Steven to join the troupe, arranged for him to shoot an exciting video clip, insisted to include him in the preview. Ma Zai, regardless what your future achievements maybe in China, don’t ever forget this favor from Siu Ming gor. This is also the reason why I would not forget 「建元风云」recalling that gesture of friendship. 情与义 Mrs. Tsui’s grace I also will not forget. And also Ah Ou’s…

Horse meets his Bak Lok

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