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lotyef -- Steven's scene only with transcript

Steven's performance in this clip is why I'm his fan. Steven's performance as Zi Chong in this clip is simply awesome!

Transcript below

abbot: Zi Cong, your left hand has Buddha's mercy; right hand has a warrior's mind* I can see that you’re still unable to forget the common people’s plight on earth. 
The person who came earlier today 
Is no other than the famous young hero, Kublai 
If you can help him to benefit the people 
Does this not settle once and for all this phase of your worldly destiny?

Zi Cong: But he is a Mongolian!

Aboot: Whether he is a Mongolian or not, is it all that important?

Zi Cong: I, elder monk, also worship heaven, worship earth, worship the Buddha 
Do not worship a mortal

General: For our country,
We must eliminate Kublai
Who’s not convinced?

Ci Cong 00:45: I’m not convinced, 
Li Tan, all these years, plundered the flesh and blood of common people,
His heart harboring insurgency, hereby executed on the spot.

Yun Lin: If you’ve truly forgotten, how come you dare not turn your head to look at me? 
Turn your head and look at me 
Turn your head and look me ya!

Ci Cong: Our destiny on earth has ended 
Hereafter, we've no longer connected 
Patroness, please do not continue to persist in entanglement.

Yun Lin:All that Ali Ah Ge has done, 
You coordinated them all for him. 
Giving no thought to the common people’s life and death. Arbitrarily halting the grain supply 
Is also your scheme. 
You still said you didn’t do it

Ci Cong: Listen, it’s very dangerous here

note: * 金戈铁马 - military hardware,war

Vid clip from an earlier trailer

Director Tsui responding to a msg about Zi Cong writing with both hands scene:
This is also one scene that I especially like. At that time when constructing the character of Liu BingZhong, I pondered on how best to display his dilemma between compassion and war, and then I suddenly remembered left and right hands simultaneously writing out the two extreme feelings deeply buried inside the heart.  And so I designed this "two hands writing calligraphy" as being the most suitable.  Ma Zai cooperated very well with me, his performance was outstanding![赞]

---- more--- screencaps

The above sc are mine but there are others in baidu sm.

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