Saturday, July 14, 2012

YYP's producers' headquaters

I checked the background of Beijing Jetsen Technology Co. Ltd. Its financial background  is impressive, in the billions. Guess Steven signed a contract with it whereby he is hired as the studio head to Little Ma Film Studio. So guess Steven does not have to spend a penny in establishing his studio, no wonder he was so thrilled by such an opportunity.  All speculation on my part.

credit: Director Wong Ka Fai weibo
The headquarters of the Beijing production company producing Steven's Yuan Yang Pei. Very impressive. It has many recreational facilities too - a tennis table room, an indoor badminton court, outdoor tennis court and basketball court.

Like I said, pretty impressive. China's filming industry is really blooming.
I guess that's where Steven got his sponsorship for his production studio from. ---- just my own speculation.
Because he is right now in Beijing discussing his future plans with the people there. -- per various weibo entries.

 Emily:(33-year-od GM of company) 4000 sq meters (43,056 sq ft), sunlit outdoor patio, bridge over water, pavilion. And she wrote in her weibo that she is right now working on a script. And she did not respond to Steven fans asking if it is Steven's script.

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