Sunday, July 15, 2012

Steven being praised for his young looks

王晓斋 7/14/2012 Flew into Beijing at 11 pm, and immediately rushed to meet up with good friend, 澳龟的影视 producer @陶陶而乐 、and TVB big shot @馬浚偉 Steven Ma. Steven reveals that he often made fish maw ( 花胶) and  Chinese caterpillar fungus (冬虫夏草) soups. No wonder despite arduous work, still can maintain his youthful looks.  (细皮嫩肉) 

Steven is sure rapidly expanding his social circle, and this one possesses an oily mouth. Steven please beware of men who calls you a tvb big shot, and openly and publicly praise your youthful looks on weibo. Maybe it is just me but this compliment sounds so gay coming from a grown man.

This man 王晓斋 's weibo introduction reminds me another celebrity TV doctor, Dr. Phil. Anyway, this Dr. Wang sure has lots of big and impressive titles, occupations, and positions; even a self-professed science fiction writer, a TV medical and health guest speaker.But how much is true vs bs?

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