Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Edited - random sighting of Steven in a karaoke bar

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Sighting of Steven inside a karaoke bar in Wuhan, China.
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  1. I remember he said he didn't like go to noisy place. In HK he rarely go to bar. Nowday, in China he seem to be more relax. Or i misremember.

  2. No, you did not misremember. If it were up to him he probably would not have stepped foot inside that bar. But he was in Wuhan on business for 2 days. He was probably meeting with some prospective collaborators in his upcoming tv series. They went to the bar to celebrate this woman's, TT徐 (performing arts school in Wuhan) birthday. Besides Director Wong Ka Fai (of Yuan Yang Pei), the others present were all his collaborators in the upcoming series. (per their weibo interactions. All info gleaned from weibo.)

    As TVB managed artist, he could avoid outside entertainment if he wanted to but as a freelancer, outside entertainment is tougher to avoid, even required to do business. But you are right, Steven seems to drink more these days in China because he was away from home.

    Only one picture inside the club/bar was taken, stealthily at that. Fan asked weibo uploader if they were drinking a lot, she said no and that their group was actually quite low profile. That Steven did not drink a lot though he went to the restroom constantly.

    Steven's old news:
    2008 "I used to work in a chemical company as a sales executive, which involved frequent trips to China. Those business entertainments required drinking, thus further boosting my liquor tolerance."

    2005 "Actually, I know some friends, men in their twenties; they would sometimes complain that I’m too old-fashioned because oftentimes I preferred staying home to going out. I even enjoy brewing tea (Chinese). That’s why, sometimes people abandon me."