Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Steven Ma and Teresa Cheung as guest performers

 singpao 7/24/2012
Earlier on, (tn: around June this year) Steven Ma, attired in a prince charming look, performed in a concert for two successive nights.  His appearance on stage immediately caused an uproar in the audience below. Regardless male or female, young or old, they all flocked excited towards the stage, and all lifted up their cellphones and ipads to take pictures.  Among them most amusingly one mother even held up her months old BB to attract Steven's attention.  It turned out to be quite an effective ploy as during a break in his song, Steven greeted the audience and with his love for children he played with the BB.  And the friend of the BB's mother immediately snapped a picture of them.

On that night, Steven also sang a duet with Teresa Cheung Dak Lan, whom he has long admired. Their duet created the other high in the concert. After his performance Steven revealed he had liked Teresa jeh for many years now.

"In the past I was a ROTCH fan, Andy Lau and Idy Chan series.  This song 《情义两心坚》was the sub themesong in the series.  Its themesong《何日再相见》was also sung by Dak Lan jeh. So from that time onwards started to like her.

"Recall two years ago when shooting 'Apprentice Chef', I invited her as my guest and so we got to know each other. Actually, I've had an opportunity to collaborate. Earlier on, she invited me as a guest performer in her concert but I wasn't in Hong Kong then. So now I'm very happy to be able to sing a duet with her.  I think she took good care of herself and also her voice still sounds good, truly admirable."

Steven hopes that in the future he will have an opportunity to hold his own concert.

Yesterday Hong Kong was hit by a level 10 typhoon.
Talk about yesterday news as in really way behind old news, this one above takes the cake.

Edited: Heavens! The event (re:SM weibo) was the June 9 2012 dinner performance was for the 30th anniversary of the Hong Kong Police Credit Union company dinner 香港警察储蓄互助社三十周年公司聚餐. The first song Steven sang was 《愛是不保留》. Steven is a HK Honorary Patrol Safety Ambassador.  For his next song he sang a duet with Teresa Cheung  (張德蘭). Why such a late report?  Why even bother reporting an event that is now more than a month's late?

Here's an old event that just now is being reported on the news. Steven and Teresa Cheung were guest stars in a June stage show event. (tn: even still unknown) They sang a duet 《情義兩心堅》, a sub theme song of The Return of the Condor Heroes. 神雕俠女 (Teresa Cheung is the original singer of that song.) She was also a guest in Steven's Apprentice Chef 1.


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