Saturday, June 9, 2012

Steven's dinner show hk police dinner

Looks like the dinner performance was for the 30th anniversary of the Hong Kong Police Credit Union company dinner 香港警察储蓄互助社三十周年公司聚餐. The first song Steven sang was 《愛是不保留》. Steven was or still is HK Honorary Patrol Safety Ambassador.

Credit as labeled

6/9/2012 18:04 Tonight's performance venue. A two night show. Quite grand. Add oil to myself.   是夜演出場地 一連兩晚 還真夠氣勢 加油我自己
6/9/2012 20:53 Waiting backstage to start performance, good show.  [太开心]
6/9/2012 22:46 It was a 1500 people dinner show. Felt like a mini concert. Successfully finished the first show. So much fun. Thank you everybody for your enthusiasm. Grateful. 是夜一千五百人的晚會 感覺變成迷你音樂會 順利完成第一場 真好玩 謝謝熱情的你們 感恩

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