Tuesday, July 31, 2012

weibo 7/31/2012 - Encouragement for Chinese olympians

7/31 21:45 On the sports arena, to get a medal, so difficult; blood, sweat, not known to outsiders; from a different angle, likewise, the journey of life is akin to Olympics arena. Maybe the goals are different but the attitude is the same. The only thing to do is to strive hard.  You add oil, I add oil; medal, up to heaven ba! 

8/1 1:48: Women team, don't be upset, you did your best. Your performance was awesome! Don't cry! I'm proud of you! National sports team members, even without medaling I'm still very proud of you all. Those with medals are heroes; those without medals are also heroes because your sweat and tears and your pressure, I see them all. National sports team members, win or lose, I love you all, regardless. 

Same with Steven, I feel for all athletes, not just for my fellow Americans but for all Olympians.  They are all heroes with or without medals, win or lose.

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