Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SM, a great fan of all national Olympians

Were you stunned when Li Yibing was robbed of his gold for rings in gymnastics. Even Even the USA tv commentators were stunned as were the audience on site when the camera panned on them.  Just like Steven I was impressed by Li YiBing's graciousness at that moment when the score flashed on the board announcing he had lost the gold and had to settle for the silver.

Did you see how Liu Xiang fell down on his first hurdle? I didn't but my sister who did skype me that unfortunate misstep.  Seems like Liu Xiang was vilified by people on weibo and other Chinese forum for his misfortune and below are Steven's heartfelt weibo entries for these two Olympians whose olympics dreams have fell short.  Steven always finds the right words to express feelings shared by many.

Calm and collected, have bearing and grace, such demeanor truly the commander general of all generals. Good for you, Chen YiBing. Don't be sad; you made me proud.
8/8/2012 01:29  
Accompany my win are hundreds of thousands people; accompany my loss, how many are there?.

8/8/2012  02:06   - Liu Xiang's negative press
At this moment, feelings stirred 
Win or lose, not the most weighty 
What I see is their effort Post a comment, who doesn't know how? 
One comment can erase all blood and sweat 
One comment can negate all tears and effort 
Using a simple comment 
To void someone's whole life 
Don't say again you're the kind of person who call it as you see it. 
Let me ask, exactly what kind of person are you? 
Put yourself in someone else shoes 
Feel that someone's emotion 
So simple, can't you? 
I've all along learning to be more tolerant 
Won't you? Can't you?

-- on the disqualified badminton players and Liu Xiang and all athletes

8/7/2012 06:10  
No athletes wouldn't want to put in their best effort.
Empathize, understand, tolerant and cherish
is my attitude towards them
Their blood, sweat, tears and pressure
I did not have that personal painful experience
But empathy tells me 
I should try to understand
National athletes
No matter what
I love you all.

8/6/2012 22:35   re-Gymnastics, Li Yi Bing - 'lord of the rings'
Calm and collected, have bearing and grace, such demeanor truly the commander general of all generals. Good for you, Chen YiBing. Don't be sad; you made me proud.

8/1/ 2012 - re disqualified badminton duo Wang Xiao Lin and Yu Yang
Have known many athletes and some have even become good friends. The pressure and bitterness they carried through the years, how many people actually understand. From rational angle, I dare not comment but from emotional angle I'll say I still love you all, friends, I love you all.

8/1 1:48: Women team, don't be upset, you did your best. Your performance was awesome! Don't cry! I'm proud of you! National sports team members, even without medaling I'm still very proud of you all. Those with medals are heroes; those without medals are also heroes because your sweat and tears and your pressure, I see them all. National sports team members, win or lose, I love you all, regardless.

7/31 21:45 On the sports arena, to get a medal, so difficult; blood, sweat, not known to outsiders; from a different angle, likewise, the journey of life is akin to Olympics arena. Maybe the goals are different but the attitude is the same. The only thing to do is to strive hard.  You add oil, I add oil; medal, up to heaven ba! 

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