Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Steven Ma uses electric bug zapper as badminton racket

8/8/2012 Steven Ma is an avid badminton player, even when shooting series in Hengdian he would use his free time to play badminton. And if he could not be in the court playing badminton, he would use the electric bugs zapper as badminton racket to practise badminton moves, swinging his racket here and there, thoroughly enjoying himself.  What's so funny is that so into his game he was doing his own thing, he was oblivious to other workers whispering among themselves at seeing him.

When the talk turns to Olympics, Steven says despite his busy schedule, but he makes time to watch his most beloved badminton games.  He supports both the national and Hong Kong teams.  He sighs and says between his busy daily life and watching the Olympics he does not have much time left over to sleep. And watching the Olympics badminton games gives him this urge to play badminton.

He found out that the Open Chinese Badminton Cup will be held in Hong Kong this September. And that he has already registered his entry. This is his first entering the open badminton competition.  But he is still unsure if there will be a work conflict on that day or not.  He hopes not and so he feels a bit nervous.

Actually, this past year he has been playing badminton with former Hong Kong national badminton team members and  a HK badminton coach.   They have been teaching him how to improve his game. But he expresses that what is most important is to enjoy the process of the competition, win or lose is not important.

source: wenweipo

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