Saturday, August 18, 2012

At B2 Premium Canned Ham Promo: SM Hopes to get back with ex-gf

Yesterday August 18, Steven Ma attended the Hong Kong Food Expo 2012 held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wanchai. As the spokesperson for B2 premium luncheon ham, Steven demonstrated on site the making of a delicious salad using the endorsed product instantly attracting a huge crowd. Steven said he had started cooking since elementary school so cooking simple dishes will not faze him. His spectators comprising mostly of housewives jostled each other to sample his food and invariably praised his good looks. (leng jai). Well liked by housewives, Steven admits he himself prefers the more mature women.

Among the many young and middle aged women requesting to take pictures with him, there was this one fan who incessantly asked Steven to face the camera, to which the latter finally replied that he did, and many times at that.  Steven jested:  "Snap so many pictures. Why not I go home with you?" ; hearing that, the fan instantly dissolved into spontaneous laughter.  

Steven has already broken up with his ex-girlfriend but he asserts that they still keep in touch and see each other.  When asked if there is a possibility of reconciliation, Steven said: "There maybe. Our earlier break up was due to lack of time to spend with each other." 

Ever unwavering in his love, Steven hopes to reconcile with her in the future, but first they must surmount the obstacle of their frequent separation at different places.  Steven awaits ex-girlfriend's reply.  He said: "Will have to depend on fate ba, or if she so willing. Because honestly I'm seldom in Hong Kong, and she is also very busy and seldom in Hong Kong, too.  So will have to see what she wants.  Because in the past I seldom had time to accompany her, that was my fault.  I hope if she can  bear it, we can come up with a compromise to smooth out our differences.  I think there's still a possibility."

"We parted because I was too busy with work, and had to go to mainland to film series. And she had to go to Europe; separated in different places, so no point dragging it out. We are all mature people. But we keep in touch through phone and  text message." 

But there are the many "milk cows" (tn: busty actresses) in mainland who are enamored with tvb siu sangs.  As a 'seon poon' (a good deal eligible bachelor) how does he cope with such situation? Shrugging off the 'seon poon' label, Steven smiled and said indeed he has made many new mainland friends recently, men and women.  He quipped: "I know many mainland women. But friends with them does not have to involve love."  (Won't ex-girlfriend worried?)  To let her have confidence in me, what's most important is to first do well by myself."

When asked if there were any explicit messages in their exchanges, Steven said: "We are not young people head over heels in love. The messages are mostly mutual exchanges of regards. No passionate exchanges. (In response to tvb sius' incidents) I understand when in love, one's guards are naturally lowered so flirting words are understandable."

He thinks that after breaking up, exes should not disclose previous words of love to each other to the public.  He believes his ex will not reveal his messages to her and vice versa. 

Steven said there is a chance he may collaborate with TVB if they want him to, after all, TVB is his maternal home where he grew up,  but the latest would not be until May next year.

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Sources: wenweipo, Hong Kong Daily news, ming pao

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