Sunday, August 19, 2012

transcript: SM hopes to reconcile with ex-girlfriend

TVB artist, Steven Ma, has excellent culinary skill. He’s at HK Food Expo today sharing his cooking experience with his audience. He also reveals that he and his ex-girlfriend’s past relationship was actually nurtured through cooking together.

SM: Yes, sometimes we would shop for grocery together; in the supermarket. Then we either went to her house or mine, and we cooked together. And then we dined together. And then I would make soup for later, and when I was done (making soup), we drank red wine and shoot the breeze. In the past we would do that.

Last year, Steven terminated his contract with TVB, and took on the role of a tv series producer and ventured north to invest in tv series and to release music album, enabling him many opportunities to encounter the opposite sex. In August when we interviewed him he was not against looking for a wife in the mainland. (tn: per video, SM never said that. Reporter put words in his mouth.) But today when we asked him the same question again, there is no such possibility for such a relationship to develop. The reason being that he has reconnected with his ex-girlfriend, and that their reconciliation is a possibility.

SM: Actually, recently, this past 6 months our contact has indeed increased from before. I think go with fate ba.  Because, originally due to time, or my work , we were often at work in different places. I was either in Hong Kong or mainland. And she was either in Hong Kong or in Europe, like Italy or somewhere. So we rarely saw each other. But now she’s in Hong Kong as I am so we see each other more often. And our communication has also improved. Wait and see ba. Now, there is~; have reverted back to friends kind of feeling, close friends feeling. But in the future if can continue to once again walk that path then will have to depend on fate.

Hope Steven can reconcile with ex. In his heart she is probably already his wife, marriage to him is just a certificate formality.  All these news about mainland 'milk cows' bombshells gave me such a bad impression of mainland actresses. Also may I say from browsing their weibos, I am also not impressed with and even wary of his mainland collaborators?  Mainland chicks are reputed to be overly 'friendly' towards HK males. (re qing)  It could be their 'overly friendliness' toward him that Steven so publicly announces his heart still belongs to his ex gf?  



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