Saturday, September 15, 2012

SM's first day (monologue) on CRHK-Commercial Radio Hong Kong

Topic: Use the heart to get to know a person.

Steven's monologue on CRHK Yat Huin Huin (Circles). Very brief -  topic Don't judge a book by its cover. For instance like he was judged on his appearance when he first entered the entertainment circle. How people presumed from his refined look and cultured (si-man) conduct that he was an overseas student, and that he was from a wealthy family, which of course, was far from the truth.  And another example was this woman he used to work with in a company, how she went about her work with a 'black' face, stern and unsmiling all the time so one day unable to restrain his curiosity he asked her why she never smiled at all. She said what was there to smile about, and people would think her crazy if she smiled over nothing. Steven asked her to smile for him and when she did it was like after the rain out came the rainbow and sunshine.  At that moment in time, he understood that some people are just born with that kind of impassive look so we really shouldn't judge people by our first impression.  We should get to know and not listen to hearsay or gossip to judge them. This way the society will be more harmonious.

Who ever sang the cover of Cyndi Lauper's True Colors did a horrible job.  Don't know why Steven played that cover. 

To listen to the complete program on tudou


  1. Tamaya : What is CRHK ?

  2. CRHK= Commercial Radio Hong Kong - 881 Yat Hiun Hiun radio program replacing Cha Siu Yan's old time slot.