Monday, September 17, 2012

weibo: Steven's plea to keep calm

9/16 15:13 Saw the news, really difficult to fully express my feelings! The stance must be distinct, attitude must be resolute. Those needing defense must be defended but with rationale not chaos. Do not be provoked into civil unrest!  Our stance is toward a situation not people. Do not be own people against own people! Those citizens are Chinese people, the police are Chinese people, all from the same root (tn: Cao Zhi's 7-step poem) how come becoming a civil unrest, consequently, the losses will be even more!  Hope fellow brothers and sisters be calm, be rational. And also hope peace on earth and peace to fellow countrymen!

TN: On recent chaos caused by anti-Japanese protests over the islands.

看到新聞片心情實在難以言諭!立場必須清晰、態度必須堅持、要保衛的必須保衛,但要 理性不要亂、不是被挑釁就變成內亂!我們對事不對人,不要自家人對自家人!人民是中國人,公安是中國人,本是同根生,為何變成自家人的亂,這樣一來,損失 可能更多!願弟兄姊妹們冷靜、理性,也願天下太平、國人平安!


  1. When I first read Steven's post on Weibo, it reminded me of that scene in Sentinel's finale when Steven's Dor Bo tells his 'brother' Fook Chuen (Kenneth) to stop hurting their family members. Very powerful scene (one of my favorites)...

    Anyway, Steven's feelings (and those of the other HK celebrities who spoke out after watching the news) are definitely understandable -- the protests were indeed horrific and irrational....when I saw the news clips on TV, I was absolutely horrified and disgusted -- it was the first time that I actually felt ashamed to be Chinese (boy was I glad I'm from HK not China and was educated in the U.S.)....

    The events that unfolded the last couple days makes it alot easier to understand now why pretty much all of HK was opposed to the national eduction thing and why so many HK artists spoke out against it....

  2. I know, the photos are horrific. And now US is also dragged into the crisis, and pretty some US products and citizens will be targeted too, if not already. 腦殘 angry mobs are dangerous and very scary. Like zombies out for blood. But of course behind all those riots there might be puppeteers aka activists/opportunists orchestrating the whole situations.