Sunday, September 2, 2012

Steven's Dingdong collection

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source: steven ma HK fan weibo

To promote  Doraemon/Dingdong exhibition in HK, several artists including Steven were interviewed for a newspaper.

Steven is an avid fan of Dingdong, and has a collection of Dingdong products well over a 100.  Shown above are just a few that he keeps at home, the rest he stores in a public storage. However, his present collection is much diminished when 5 or 6 years ago during a house spring cleaning he donated many to the Peace Corps. His presently most favorite item is an hour timer that 'speaks' in Japanese on the hour to announce the time, given to him by a friend. He started collecting Dingdong limited edition products in the 80's from MacDonald's gas stations, and from convenience stores, but friends knowing his fondness for Dingdong also gave him many as presents.

What Steven most loves about Dingdong is his Magic Portal Door, especially useful in Hong Kong to avoid the daily traffic jams and also for instant traveling, since Steven loves traveling.

The toys shown on the left corner of the articles is a collection set of 9 Dingdong fans gifts gotten through purchases from a Taiwan 711 convenience store. I spent 2000 TWD to purchase the full collection.  I gave the red one to a friend so now there's 8 left in the collection.

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