Monday, September 3, 2012

Steven's sick.

 The long absent old illness suddenly struck me tonight, made me almost passed out in the badminton court, panicking my friend. Sorry, my friend. Friend sent me to the emergency hospital. Saw a young and beautiful female doctor, prescribed lots of medicine. Ai, have to start taking medicine again. So troublesome. [泪]  Don't feel too good right now, so will just upload this photo taken this afternoon. [偷笑]

久違了的舊病晚上突然來襲 害我差點暈倒在球場上 把朋友嚇壞了真不好意思 老友陪我去醫院 看了一個年輕美麗的女醫生 拿了很多藥 唉 又要開始吃藥了 煩 [泪]現在精神不太好 就發一張下午拍的[偷笑]

TN: Steven looks really gaunt in the above pix showing a sunken cheek. Guess the old illness is either low blood sugar or the heart artery problem?  Maybe over exercise training for badminton competition, plus too much work and too much stress?  Wonder how he did in the Changchun badminton tournament?

Do mosey over to his weibo to send your well wishes to him. 

Per Miu Siu Ching's weibo quip (see below) in response to above weibo pretty sure Steven's upcoming HK tv series is a collaboration with NowTV.  About the young and beautiful doctor, Steven was just being gracious to her.

 梅小青LV新浪个人认证 Take care!Take care ya Fatt Dat Gor! Many get rich schemes awaiting you! But unexpectedly encountered a young and beautiful doctor, could it be a blessing in disguise!

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