Wednesday, September 19, 2012

weibo: commercial ad

9/19 20:18 Today very happy, if (you ) said I'm "mai meng" (賣萌= sell cutesy) then cutesy I'll be. Here's another pix. [哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]

Translation edited.

9/19 19:56 Today did a commercial for FuLum Group. Lots of lobsters to eat. hehee! [偷笑]

9/19 15:31  Doing a commercial, happy! Thanks, everybody [爱你][馋嘴]

above pix by @michaellam_pl

TN: FuLum Group is a group of restaurants. Per his weibo, looks like today has been a good day for Steven.

Steven hamming it up (mai meng) for the camera.
Don't like 'hamming', don't like Steven smiling with pursed lips,
and don't like his new hairdo.

On the aside, Miu Siu Ching has been very weibo friendly with Steven, responding to almost if not all of his weibo.  An inkling they have a planned upcoming collaboration.

Though similar, I prefer this one (sic 2010 ?) more.


  1. Tamaya : what does he means by "Today very happy, if said I'm "mai meng" (kawaii-cutsy) then so be it. Here's another one." ?

  2. Haha! Steven's weibo fans had commented that he looked very cutesy-kawaii (mai meng = act/sell cutesy) in a lot of his recently uploaded pictures (esp those with him smiling with pursed lips.) If they said he's "selling kawaii" so cutesy he be. Seems like Steven was in an expansive mood yesterday, so happy he was, he uploaded another cutesy photo of his. Haha! Steven's happy makes his fans happy too. Obviously his happiness must have something to do with the undisclosed commercial fee he was paid.