Saturday, October 13, 2012

CRHK Circles: Steven On Tavia Yeung

Steven talking about his good friends in the entertainment, and among them his three sisters. First Linda, then Fala and now Tavia.

Steven: Of course I'd have to talk about Tavia too. Prior to officially filming a tv series, I think right after she graduated from training school she did a TVB mv with me for the song, Miu Guai (Rose) and Ka Ming. I don’t know why that mv turns into a teacher-student love affair. It depicts me as a school teacher, and she. my student. The feel of the mv is very lame. At the time, I didn’t know her. Didn’t know she’s Tavia Yeung.

When we became familiar with each other she said to me: “Before, I didn’t like you.”

I said: “Huh, why?”

Tavia: “In the makeup room, I once greeted you but you ignored me. ”

I said: “When did you greet me?”

She said: “You came from behind me, and I nodded at you through the mirror.”

I said: “Dai lo wa! (Haiz!) You nodded at me through the mirror, how would I know you were nodding at me, wo? I was facing forward not looking at the mirror to see who’s looking at me and to respond to them through the mirror with a ‘Hello, how are you?’ or a ‘Good morning”. Can’t be that way ma.”

So she thought to herself: hng!  Ignored me? I'll ignore you too! It was not until we filmed Sweetness in the salt that she brought it up.

So I said to her: “Can you be more childish, Yeung Yi? In the makeup room, everyday, day in day out a crowd people in there, back and fro people passing through. Why would I look at the mirror to check out who’s greeting me, dai lo (haiz)?"

When face to face, people know that I will always smile at them and as common courtesy, will politely nod at them whether I know you or not or that you are a newbie, so long we have eye contact, as my habit because in the past I worked in sales, I’ll always politely nod my head at you as a common courtesy. Nothing to it. So how would I know that you disliked me because of that incident. At that time, we argued over it for a long time.

At that time, I thought you were also quite arrogant ba. Once I also nodded my head at you, and you ignored me too.

And she said: “That's because that time when I nodded my head at you, you ignored me so I ignored you too!

So I said: “See, how mo liu (petty) you are?”

Sometimes lei. Yeung Yi’s person is genuine and lovable. Our relationship is deep. Every time we meet, and she sees me from afar she will holler and hurry to me and give me a big hug. Just like ah gor (big brother) and ah miu (younger sister). With arms around each other, I would ask: “So what’s up? How have you been?”  Like earlier on she was under the weather, she would talk to me about her health etc. She is another person (besides Fala) I don’t have to worry about or be concern. You try bullying her! haha! Because she is very strong minded and also very filial. So she is among one of those (my miu) that I’m very fond of. (sek)

Tavia Yeung (CRHK: 10/08/2012)

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