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Steven Ma is proud of Sham Shui Po

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Last night Steven Ma was invited by a gold and jewelry store to attend its 39th anniversary dinner. He sang two songs on stage to celebrate the mid-autumn festival with the guests.

Steven's unexpected presence on stage caused a furor among the guests.  The frenzy conduct among the large group of si nai wrangling to take pictures of him can rival that of a younger generation fans.   When Steven finished his performance, incessant shouts of "encore" rocked the venue.  When Steven stepped down the stage he was instantly surrounded by the waiting fans requesting to have pictures taken with him.  Among them were some really young kids,  truly people from ages of 3 years old all the way to 80 year-old were all attracted by him.  Meanwhile, besides the constant yelling of him being "leng jai" (handsome),  there were also many who asked when they could see a new Apprentice Chef on tv?

Steven, who grew up in Sham Shui Po for twenty odd years, said he was very happy to be able to perform here tonight: "First of all, this is where  I grew up in, so it feels very warm and familiar; second, this jewelry store owner has always appreciated my songs and tv series, and supports me a lot.  Also, upon seeing how happy these people from my old neighborhood at seeing me here; actually I was even happier than them.   My kindergarten, elementary and middle schools were all here. This kind of connection can never be forgotten. I'm proud of Sham Shui Po. "


credit news and topmost two pix to singpao
L-R pix to news;  mingpao - 陳釗

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