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2012 tvb ratings ranking up to Nov 4th

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5 out of 24 series aired this year have an avg points of>= 30  for their first week. 
They are:
The Confident (anniversary series)  31 points
Witness Insecurity = 30 pts
Diva in Distress = 30 pts
Daddy Good Deeds = 30 pts
3 Kingdoms = 30 points

Only 2 series have episode 1 + 2 with avg rating >=31 points
The Confident (episode 1 -2) = 33 points peaked 36 points
Daddy Good Deeds (episode 1-2) = 31 points

And only 3 series opened with an avg rating of>=31 pts for 1st episode.
The Confident episode 1 = 33 points peaked 36
Daddy Good Deeds episode 1 = 31 points
High and Low episode 1 = 31 points peaked 33

Up to Nov 4th only  4 series garnered avg rating of 32 points for final week.
Witness Insecurity = 33pts
On Call 36 hours = 33 pts
Daddy Good Deeds = 32 pts
The Last Steep Ascent = 32 pts

Up to Nov 4th, Daddy Good Deeds ranked 4th on the 2012 ratings.
1. Witness Insecurity
2. Diva in distress
3. On Call 36 hours
4. Daddy Good Deeds
5. The Last Steep Ascent

Daddy Good Deeds despite impressive ratings is underrated - no pun intended.

Tiger Cubs, Bottled Passion, 
Daddy Good Deeds, The Greatness of a Hero, Wish and Switch, Let it be love,  When Heaven burns, L'Escargot are aired in unfavorable timeslots.   

Insecurity's rating is adversely affected by a power outage during its broadcast.

3 Kingdoms' rating is favorably increased to peak at 45 pts due to a typhoon keeping people home.

DGD  & The Greatness of a Hero (TGOAH) are aired during the week of Ching Ming and Easter 6-day holidays. (Wednesday onto next Monday)

The Greatness of a Hero is an old overseas release now now premiering in HK.

ref: 2012 tvb series wikipedia 

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