Monday, November 19, 2012

Steven's 'Firsts' in entertainment field

Debut as singer: 1993 september -  memoir
1st album: Lucky to have met you 1993 9/27
1st studio recorded song: Lucky to have met you 1993
1st Singing award: link Chik Cha 1993 singing award sliver
1st acting stint: 1993《開心華之里》link
1st tvb series (2nd acting role) link 1993 不可思意星期二
1st complete tv series (3rd acting role): link  1995 新同居關係
1st major role in tvb series:  Files of Justice 4/5《壹号皇庭V》1997
1st supporting male in tv series: Duke of Mt. Deer 《鹿鼎记》1998
1st male lead in tvb series: Gam Yuen in On the track or off 《勇往直前》2001
1st published book: link  2001Why Suicide?
1st opera stint: link 2003 May with Joyce Coi
1st stage performance gig link  1993 Invited by Ka Ching Holding Ltd
1st Prose Essay book: link 2008 July
1st cooking show: link Apprentice Chef  2011 1/20 at 7 pm
1st tvb award: On the Track or Off TV most favorite character Gam Yuen
1st directorial stint: Cherish album 3 songs 2013 April  link

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