Saturday, December 22, 2012

Steven Ma on SOBEM Christian Radio

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Christmas Special Feature.
Steven says he has believed in Christianity for a few years already but he is rather low-key about his faith so not many people know about it. That he is so lowkey is because first - this belief in God - is both a fate and blessing that can only be felt personally.  It is not something that you can get just because someone told you to. You must feel it personally yourself.

Before his conversion to Christianity, the 2 most important festivals to him were Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, and of course Mother's and Father's Day. But now, Christmas has taken on a new meaning and a warmth, nlike before when it was just another festival to him.

Steven has always had a habit of praying (meditation) but now saying his prayer before bedtime has become a habit. His 2nd older sister and brother-in-law and younger sister are also Christians, too.

The past month was really exhausting for him because he had been working ceaselessly on a script for a film production company. He was bone tired, to say the least.

He feels he does not have the qualification to preach Christianity to others because he is unable to eloquently expound Christianity to non believers or to novice Christians. What he will say to those whose faith is still weak is for them to pray to God for guidance.  And for the non-believers to pray before sleeping, hopefully God will grant them peace.

Steven may go to Canada in May next year for a concert/stage performance if  everything plans out. 

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