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Generation Show Feb 1 2013 updated with translated

The whole show goto youku generation show site, and also for better quality.

Don't know why the dl video clips are as clear as original or watch from my computer or uploaded onto youtube.  Anyone knows why?

The Generation Show is gaining popularity rapidly in mainland because it is a fun show suitable for all generations in the family, spanning the 60s thru 00s Chinese and Western entertainment worlds. Each team has a host and his/her guest. The host once said that the generation categories are picked not based on the guests’ birth year but rather on the decade of their youth. Of course, that is not always true because Steven was assigned to the 90s while man in the 70s, who is actually one year younger than Steven, was assigned to the 70s. So yeah, the generation categories are all so very arbitrarily arranged. Anyway, after the show aired, many viewers floated the weibo with praises for Steven’s still youthful and good looks, and that time has indeed been very kind to Steven since he still looks pretty much the same since Domd 1998.

part 1 Show starts - Guests followed by host walk onto the stage.

Since Steven’s Domd1998 is aired the most on mainland tvs, viewers know him best as Kangxi and that’s how he was introduced by the hosts. So in he walks thru the time tunnel with ‘Wai Siu Bo’ and his entourage of young ‘eunuchs’.

Introduce 90s team + Steven sings

Steven’s host is Yuan Chengjie袁成杰, who pretends to be Wai Siu Bo to Steven’s Kangxi. But Yuan’s Cantonese is bad so Kangxi pretends to reprimand him for being a slow learner.

Yuan tells Steven that there is a rule in the show which is the guest has to do a performance on stage. Steven says fine we can do wrestling. Let’s go. (also see the cut scene below)

So they get on the center stage. Steven says since he is the Emperor, Yuan as the subject will have to do whatever the Emperor says and cannot physically hurt him.  So Yuan has to submit to Steven's beating. And then Steven sings the sub themesong.

Steven says before this he had not sing this song in 10 years. Steven's HK manager, Sandy Lau, says on weibo that Steven sang the song without any prior rehearsal, or coordinating with the stage sound equipment, so she was a bit nervous at the time but as soon as Steven started singing she knew his singing would be just fine.

Coincidentally, the 00s guest once acted Kangxi's son in a mainland tv series. Steven says he knows the guest's (张丹峰) wife better since they both have had the same singing teacher. 

spotlight on 90s team

Steven says he shaved his head for the first time in Domd1998. And the very next day after he woke up he had a splitting headache because of his bald head. So from then onward he slept with his head wrapped up with a towel like a turban and with a cap.

Question 1: How did Ao Bai die?
Question 2: Which Steven's costume clashed the most with his fellow actors?
And the host brought up same taxi driver in TVB series for the past 20 years.
And the game wrong tags
Deaf with the headphones on, Steven has to answer Yuan's question thrown at him.  Yuan is to pick his questions from the given list of 10 questions, and Steven answers from his own given list of 10 answers.  If they get 2 questions answered correctly they will be awarded the 5 points. 

Steven: Can you open your mouth bigger?
Yuan: ahhh
Steven: When you ask the question.

1)  What do you say when you pick up the phone?  Open sesame!
2)  What you say when you see a person during CNY? Ma, I'm home
3) After a ballgame, what do you want to do? Take a shower
4) When you propose marriage, what do you say? If you come any closer I'll jump down. 
5) Before getting into Ali Baba cave, who do you say? You jump I jump
6) What does the person who jumps off a building say? Happy new year
7) How does a rooster crow in the morning? Coocooco...
8) What do you say when you get home from school? Will you marry me?

Time's up.  only 8 questions asked and answered. 

End of the show. The 80's team win.

The karaoke and the end. Look at the dismay look at Steven when he hears the first China nationalistic song. haha!

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