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Steven Ma shows off his culinary skills on board cruise ship

Steven Ma show off his culinary skills in HK-Taiwan cruise

Invited by both Costa Victoria Cruises and the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Steven Ma was on board the cruise ship for several days (Jan 24th -28th). In his “Steven Ma Celebrity Cuisines” show, Steven and the ship’s chef, Chef Mirko cooked side by side two very different flavored pasta dishes and also concocted two very different Italian cocktail drinks. Steven later closed his show with singing. During this half hour show Steven interacted closely with the passengers.

When he boarded the ship, during his free time, Steven went to check out the galley and talk to the chef. He then cooked some dishes as a run-through prior to his show. Actually cooking will not faze Steven much since he cooks regularly and has had cooking experiences in his two seasons of Apprentice Chef. Sure enough on that day, Steven demonstrated his cooking skills when passengers  invited for a taste sampling unanimously chose Steven’s dish as their preferred dish.

Towards this, Steven said that since most of the passengers hailed from the mainland and Hong Kong, they would naturally have similar taste, and that Chef Mirko’s years of professional culinary experiences could not be denied.

When asked if his fee was considerable, Steven laughed and said: “In any case, am very happy with it. Very happy that it was the first time a cruise ship invited an artist for a show and on such a high standard cruise ship. I’m very grateful that the coordinator was very courteous, friendly and warm. I was even invited to stay for extra three days. Truly business mixed with pleasure. But I’m most happy that as an artist I could help Hong Kong Tourism Board promote Hong Kong tourism. Very meaningful.”

So, did anything memorable or any chance romantic encounter happen? Steven laughed and said: “The most memorable was being trailed closely by paparazzi (a kid) everywhere I went. Whether buying stuff or eating she/he was always at my side. Haha! That little kid was truly cute. It maybe that we met each other frequently on deck so felt familiar, plus there were lots of Hong Kong passengers so many knew me and were all very friendly. Like old friends chatting and snapping pictures.”

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People started lining up to watch Steven an hour before the show started.

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