Sunday, February 17, 2013

Updated -- Notice: will close permenently

Update: Looks like Hu, the webmaster of made a mistake over the expiration date of the site, which is actually in April so probably the forum will stay open until then. Yay! will be closing permenently closed tomorrow. Of course, I feel sad by the decision. I was actually the website second registered member. Over the years it had given me a lot of happiness to just browse its site for Steven's timely news and to read fans comments and reviews, and to chat with its members.  Over the years, the forum was my first source of Steven's news collection.  I'm very grateful to its committee members for providing such a wonderful meeting place for fans to gather.

The primary reason for its closure is due to lack of support from Steven Ma fans. Goodbye,  To prevent loss of many excellent art works and fans essays, I will repost some of them here for posterity and keepsake just like how I did with Steven Ma warm house.

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  1. Oh, What a pity!
    I'm felling so sad too...
    So Sorry!