Wednesday, March 13, 2013

episode 10

I'm liking the series now. Getting quite interesting. The series is getting much more interesting with Lai Fu's appearance and his love story with Yong En -- aw, so sweet. Steven's great as the simple and naive Lai Fu, but he has vanished now.

With Lai Fu's mysterious disappearance, Ting Xuan re-appears as the arrogant, debonair and over confident 1st young master.  Glad to see Steven flexing his acting chop here as Lai Fu and Ting Xuan.

And I like Yong En, too -- Zhang Meng performed well so far.  Though I am happy to see different faces (as opposed to the same old same old TVB faces) I still find WSQ  wooden and expressionless or just plain ott with his obsessive concern over Yong En. His performance is not touching but rather annoying for me to watch.

Oh, did I say Ting Xuan is very handsome? Well, he is..very.. handsome!

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