Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yuan Yang Pei - anyone watching?

Yong En meets Ting Xuan for the 1st time, mistaken him to be Lai Fu. Gotta say Zhang Meng's crying skill is superb. 

After 3 episodes the series is now moving along pretty well, and once Lai Fu appears, the series has sparks and really draws me.  Love Lai Fu, Steven did an excellent job becoming Lai Fu.  And is it possible? The more I watch Ting Xuan, the more I fell under his spell.

Steven says in is weibo that he heard YYP ranks first on Hunan Channel.

Episode 20 was so moving at the scene when Yong En brought Ting Xuan to the old restaurant site, esp. when she, eyes brimming with unshed tears, held out her little pinkie to Ting Xuan to remind him of their vows to each other.  55555.

Steven and Zhang Meng had great chemistry.  Yes!

But I had to miss the last segment of epi 21 -- the wedding, cos' needed to be elsewhere.  Waiting for uploads on youtube.

When Ting Xuan sees her holding out her pinkie to him, he says: "This action you did to me twice, what does it mean?"

And, and ... watch youtube to see what come after.

And btw, Ting Xuan got slapped on his left cheek, but in the later scene when he reminisces the slap he touches his right cheek instead. haha!

eta 2015: Pls note that the uploaded aired episodes (commented here) are different from the much later dvd uploads on youtube. 


  1. Oh my god! yesteday, the internet in Vn was so awful!!!! I can not watch a single ep. !!! >"< all links was could not work!!! hic. waiting for dl!!! Reading you words make me really wanna watch as soon as possible!!!

  2. I couldn't either until I finally watch it in the Hunan site: . Many people also complained couldn't watch it either but it's ok when watched in the Hunan. You have to dl a baidu media software to watch it on Hunan but it is well worth it cos' the other streaming online sites are so buffering now that there is a big increase in viewers.

    So Crystin, go to hunan site and dl the required baid media player software - it doesn't take long.

  3. oh thank you so much!!!!! Love ya!!!!