Friday, March 8, 2013

weibo mar 7

3/8/2013 12:36 Guangzhou, here I come. 
3/5/2013 18:45 : To me only this one phrase: No very diligent, just more diligent. Thankful!

The 1st song,"2nd Buffalo" (二牛) self composed melody and lyrics and sang has successfully completed. Praise the lord! But "2nd Buffalo" is responsible for the 'full package" of the other 5 songs. Pressure!

@Sandy劉玉儀 Today's March 5th 2013 is a day to be remembered! After a long preparation, 4th Brother's new music album recording! Thankful! [太開心][太開心]

3/4/2013 18:45 Brain is full of melody and words, starting to get clog! Not good, gotta transform into Bumblebee to play outside.

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