Monday, March 11, 2013

UPDATED: Yuan Yang Pei airing now


Mar 12 - will air 6 episodes in a row at 7 pm.  

Mar 11th stream Yuan Yang Pei on these 2 links now for 3 episodes in a row starting 9 pm

1st 3 episodes.
So draggy!
So cliche!
So boring!
So disappointing!
And not used to the dubbing!

Steven has been relegated to 2nd male lead with limited screen time. And the storyline promoted as Yong En and Qi Jun's fated-for-life love story,  and Ting Xuan and Lai Fu are just sidelines to their story. Haiz!

And Wang Shao Qi's acting was so stiff.  And some of the others were ott dramatic. Steven's performance was just ok (maybe dubbing made it seemed a bit unnatural) but of the cast I like Yong En's the most.  At least she has the demure, period look. (epi 2-3)

Did I say 'so draggy'? So very draggy and Chiung Yao's melodramatic!

Hope the next few episodes with Lai Fu will be better that previous, but I'm not holding my breath!


  1. What time dose it air tomorow night Tamaya?

    Oh. me too. 3 first Ep not so good, don't focus on Tang Xuan. And musta say that Shao Qi's acting is really bad! why have to scream and chase like an idiot, he just meet her for 2 time, right? love at the first sight? Can not belive it!

  2. Haha! Missed the 1st episode cos' busy doing something else, but guess from baidu sm postings, did not miss much since there's no Tang Xuan in it.

    Tomorrow at 7 pm for 6 episodes consecutively. The preview has lots of Lai Fu and Yong En's scenes but within that time period, he's going to die. Yes, Shao Qi is so stiff and expressionless, and quite old looking too.