Monday, March 11, 2013

Yuan Yang Pei - updated with a clearer video link

3/28/2013 Edited: A clearer dvd version link -

This airing of series is just a test market, crude version as opposed to the official version that will be aired on Anhui Satellite Channel in September.  Don't understand why air an inferior product in the first place, giving bad 1st impression and also probably affecting Anhui tv ratings.

Episode 1 has no Tang Ting Xuan so did not upload video. Goto to youtube for episode 1.  Without the ads, the video is slight over 32 mins to 38 mins long.

Below are the edited Steven only screen time videos. That's how little screentime he had so far, which is not much.

Ting Xuan 1st appearance vid clip - epi 2

epi 2

epi 2

epi 3

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