Friday, March 15, 2013

Yuan Yang Pei - the watershed

What an emotion filled episodes
eta 2014: dvd epi 21 - epi 24
dvd epi 24 - Ting Xuan inadvertently finds out who kills Lai Fu.

Who killed Lai Fu?


Ting Xuan finds out the real identity of Yong En, finds out he is not the biological son of his parents, that Lai Fu was his twin brother, meets with his real mother, get cast out of Tang family instantly just like that from prince to pauper, and finds out how Lai Fu died and who killed him. Feelings of devastation and abandonment - his world turns topsy-turvy. Though Steven's emotional acting was top-notched, Ting Xuan's emotional dubbing could be better, imo, it was slightly ott (over-the-top).

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