Saturday, March 16, 2013


There is a break in story between epi 26 and epi 27 on youtube

To watch the whole complete set of video goto: link or this link2

The episode numbering in the above links is different from youtube because the links are dvd uploads while youtube's are direct upload of tv streaming: To watch where Ting Xuan finds out about Lai Fu's death, watch epic 24, 25, 26, in the above link. (They are the missing scenes in youtube)

You may have need to dl baidu media player to watch the videos in the website.

Wah! Youtube now has the complete uploaded 36 episodes.


  1. Yes, I saw them, and yay! How fantastic!
    But ep.28 on youtube do not continued ep.27, and the scenes in that ep now airing on Hunan Channel is not there. I don't understand.

  2. Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanksssssssssssss!
    I can watch the series now!!!! Love you so much Tamaya. I even could download the baidu media player! ^^. <3

  3. Haha! You're welcome, glad I could help. YYP is really good. Steven was brilliant, and so good looking too. And though he is bad, it's tough to hate him for the unscrupulous things he did to achieve his goal of taking over Bank of Tang.