Tuesday, March 12, 2013

YYP's trailer on Lai Fook and Yong En

Not sure if with the Hunan broadcast or SM fanmade, like how WSQ fans made the many trailers floating online that had caused so much grief to Steven's fans thinking they were Hunan's YYP trailers. The video clip is most probably cut from a complete trailer.

credit: sm baidu


  1. It really is a trailer that I watch on Hunan channel, for sure! ^^
    Loving the one with Andy Lau song, full of Steven's scene!!! ^^
    See this, my MV, from some Hunan's YYP Trailers.

    Tonight will air 6 ep in a row too, right, Tamaya? ^^ Last night Lai Fu was so cute!

  2. Crystin Cao, you should upload the mv vid on weibo and @steven. He'll love it. I didn't see the wedding scene preview, what episode was it on?

    Yes, 6 episodes in a row tomorrow too.

  3. the wedding preview was in between the advertisement time of Hunan Channel.^^ yeaterday, before the airing.
    Yeah, I will, Thank you! ^^ Hope he see it.

  4. Hi, this series seems quite interesting. May I know where to find the link to watch the series? I'm based in Singapore. Don't like the dubbing of Lai Fu's voice though, sounds too old for him.

  5. youtube for uploads.

    Though many online sites also have streaming best watch it in Hunan site http://live.imgo.tv/ . You have to dl a baidu media software to watch it on Hunan but it is well worth it cos' the other streaming online sites are so buffering now because of the huge increase in viewers.

    Yes, Lai Fu's voice sounds old but Ting Xuan's fine. And I like Yong En's voice -- so very gentle and very expressive.

    The series is getting very interesting, and the chemistry between Ting Xuan and Yong En is intense.

  6. Thank you Tamaya for the info. I managed to find the videos to episode 21 on youtube. But I fast forward a lot, mainly to Steven ma's scenes. Ha ha.

  7. That's the advantage of watching uploaded series over live broadcast -- the ability to ff scenes.