Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Steven's entanglement with his female artists

Given the ceaseless huge number of hits on Steven-Sonija Scandal here I did this snippet on Steven's past entanglements with fellow entertainment artists.

2003 News Report revisited in 2013
When asked if still will be friends with his past romantic rumored girlfriends: Astrid Chan, Tai Wan Wai (戴蘊慧) Ada Choi and Sonija Kwok; Steven answered sternly: "Astrid and I have no problems remaining friends, she had disagreement with Sheila Chan (陳淑蘭), not with me. But now she is blissfully in love, and since we work in different places, we seldom keep in touch. Tai Wan Wai - that's all water under the bridge now, these days we still talk on the phone now and then.  As for Ada, please (to all media) do not give us pressure. We are all along only been in the good friends and colleagues's relationship mode. (When reporter was about to mention Sonija, as if knowing how to lip read, Steven quickly forestalled the question: "Her', no comments!"  source report: 2003 SM on life, death, love & desire

Reconciliations and Forgiveness:
Ms. Tai's public apology to Steven in her 2000 book "真心话" for willfully causing him  grief .

Despite being badly used and mercilessly maligned by the media, to this day Steven is still friend with her as evinced by the below 2010 news report excerpt.

Ms. Tai called for assistance with her late father's funeral.  2010 news report: Tai Wan Wai thanked numerous friends for helping her with her father's funeral preparation including Cally Kwong and Steven Ma. "Ma Jai knows a lot more people than I so he gave lots of advice."

Sonija and Steven's late 2002-early 2003 Scandal
Reconciled in 2010 when they finally buried the hatchet when they attended Starhub awards event in Singapore.  Much have written about their reconciliation when they filmed 7 Days. Now they are good friends. Sonija even considers Steven as one of her very few close man friends in the entertainment circle.

Steven's 2010 weibo on Astrid
10/28/2010  6:30 Once there was a friend. I thought if I treated her well, perhaps, conscious of it she would reciprocate in kind! But, because of various reasons, I hurt her, and she hurt me, too! Today, we met again and talked at length of the past. Turn out, who owes who is actually not important at all. Maybe the starlight of that time was bright but, it does not mean tonight’s moonlight will not regain its brightness! Friend, it’s all in the heart! In the heart! 

Tamaya: At first, I thought Steven meant Sonija, and I wondered why he would bring it up again -- and then there was this line, "Today, we met again and talked at length of the past. " Today? Didn't they reconcile during their filming of 7 Days? Then I saw the pictures posted on and I knew he must have meant Astrid Chan, who reportedly had had a fallen out with him because of some misunderstand years ago. Congratulations to Steven for mending yet another friendship.

Astrid Chan's 2010 weibo on Steven
It had been a long, long time since I last had had a good chat with Steven Ma. In VIP Today's interview, I rediscovered that sense of mutual candor between us. We have not collaborated ever since Healing Hands 1; the feeling he gave me is that he has not changed; he's still the quintessential traditional man. Really enjoyed this interview, hope you all will too

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