Sunday, April 21, 2013

News: Steven Ma and Sharon Chan as celebrity guests in an open house

April 21 2013 at 3pm Steven Ma and Sharon Chan as celebrity guests at 锦绣龙湾 Model Open House in Zhongshan, Guangdong. Steven sang 3 songs namely the themesong of 1998 DOMD, his new song, An Understanding, and WTLB themesong. 

-- photos---

Weird why the video and the photos (weibo and newspapers) are all tinted red.
Sharon is already tall, with that extra tall high-heels she towers over Steven and everybody else around her.  In the group pix, she is a head taller than the woman standing next to her.

Woman in striped top says Steven is very good looking and looks very young, like in his 20s. Exaggeration much? 

Goto SM baidu thread for more pix -- not reposted here cos' they are blurry.

pix credit: house.tt0760 ; sina news;  credit as labeled
video credit:

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