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Steven Ma:Grateful to life's experiences for fortifying me.

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2013-03-21 15:54

March 8th 2013  Besides sharing skin care secrets at  Guangzhou SK-II promo counter  Steven Ma also shares his success journey with this reporter.  Despite his arduous journey he is, however, thankful for this tough road of tribulation, and that famous or not, he will continue this journey with his feet well-grounded.

Q: Now that you are no longer in TVB, we would like to know how's your development in mainland?
S: Actually mainland and Hong Kong are of the same country, but because I grew up in Hong Kong and gained fame through TVB, people are therefore more familiar with me. Now that I film tv series in the mainland, it'll be that way too. Presently, I'm not shooting any tv series. My focus for now is the production of my music album. It will be officially released in June.

Q: From an actor back to a singer, what kind of a music album?
S: Of the songs in the album, five of them are composed and written by me - themes including friendship and love, mainly gospel songs on the Christian view of life.  In the past, I'd published some books so this songwriting is not all that difficult. Actually, in my early career before I gained fame I had already written some songs that were recorded in one of Warners Music album, just that not many people knew about it.

Q: Your career has seen ups and downs, when faced with life's low, how did you get through it?
S: Actually I don't think it was all that hard; it's a necessary maturation process.  Moreover, when compare my hardship to others' in this world, mine pales in comparison. Though at the time I did complain but when thought of kids unable to attend schools or eat to their fill, I'm truly very blessed already. My attitude is very positive.

Q: If not an artiste, what would you do?
S: If not on the front stage I guess I would go into the backstage work such as scriptwriting, or be a producer or a director. All these I'm willing to attempt. Presently, I'm writing a script. Last year I'd already lay the groundwork. My pseudonym is Er Niu (2 Buffaloes) because my last name is Ma.  An artiste cannot be on the front stage forever-there's a limitation like when I'm old, can I still film series -- a realistic situation that must be faced with a way out.

Q: Your TV characters left deep impression, which roles are your favorites? What genre do you like?
S: I like every one of my characters, of course, there are favorites such as: Cao Zi in Where the Legend Begins. I don't often have that feeling of being completely and totally merged with my tv character. But when I was filming WTLB I truly thought of myself as Cao Zi, maybe because I loved this drama so much. The others include: Perish in the name of love, Healing Hands etc.  Basically, every series has its own characteristics. When I got the script I would meet with the producer and scriptwriter to first discuss the character before portraying him.

Q: After leaving TVB you headed to mainland and have filmed a few tv series, among the mainland thespians whom would you most want to work with? 
S: In Hong Kong there are not that many mainland tv stations. Mainland has many tv stations, I feel that those living there are very lucky because they have so many tv shows to watch. Anyway, I don't know all that many mainland thespians. My favorite is Gong Li (巩俐). If one day I've an opportunity to work with her and if it is a relationship drama I would do very well in it.   

Q: Your close friends all said you like to help people, how do you see yourself?  
S: I feel that if we can help someone then do it. I believe the saying that giving is more blessed than receiving. If it is within our ability to help people then hopefully we will help them out because though our help maybe nothing to us, to others it can be very significant. 

Q: Heard that you have had depression in the past, how is it now? 
S: In the past I did suffer depression, and had to take medication for it and also counseling.  But of course, I'm fine now.  It was in 1999 when my mom passed away. During the time when she was sick I was filled with grievance against heaven and people.  At the time, my younger sister was sick too.  I thought that the world was so unfair; filled with people but why stricken both my mom and younger sister. 

Q: What was your first aspiration?
S: My first aspiration was to be a designer.  But mom got sick and our family situation deteriorated badly. My father was the sole breadwinner and though I could continue my schooling I didn't because of my family situation. I stopped school after Form 5,  else I might be a designer now.

Q: If you could go back to choose a career again, would you choose to be in the entertainment?
S: No. I would choose to further my education. I wasn't a good student at the time but if I had the choice to choose again I would study harder. I might study laws or medicine. Either be a doctor or a lawyer. 

Q: Who do you think influenced you the most, why?
S: My parents. I think for most people, they are usually most influenced by their parents.  Moreover, my parents have been good father and mother, so their influence over me was enormous.  

Q: When in real life you meet the woman you like, would you be indecisive? 
S: Relationship wise, I'm not very direct but I won't be like those series characters who even after several attempts still can't speak out.  If I've a good impression of you or I like you, I'll let you'll know.  If the woman I like also like me then I'll express my feeling directly to her.  If from observation she does not seem to have the same feeling for me then I will observe first.

Q: Online polls all say that you and Ada Choi are a perfect pairing, what do you think?
S: We are old friends and have collaborated several times, and worked well together. She is a very professional actress. Besides her, I've collaborated with other actresses too, and we are all good friends.  Maybe because we appeared together on screen more often, the viewers feel that she and I paired well together.  I guess that's not bad, hopefully we will have an opportunity to collaborate again in the future, so long the viewers like it.

Q: You'd said you won't look for girlfriend who is too pretty, is it because you don't have confidence in yourself?
S: What I meant by not too beautiful is that beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. The woman does not necessarily have to be beautiful, moreover, beautiful women often have lots of pursuers, I don't want problems. And if she often behaves inappropriately then I'll feel insecure. I prefer a traditional oriental woman.

Q: Your relationship with your girlfriend was rumored to be in danger, what's the future plan for your relationship?
S: Relationship wise, there is no definite plan. Earlier, my girlfriend and I were separated for a short period because we had been together for a long time so we each needed a cooling down period. My view on relationship is quite simple. My feeling for her has never changed. It would be great if we can continue our relationship. We have been together for 8 years now so we know each other very well. Our earlier separation is so that we each could calm down so that we could plan our future carefully, after all, it is an important life changing decision. (Not sure if Steven actually said this response or not? ttn: blah blah - what a canned reply. Steven, exactly how much time do you need to make up your mind about about your future with her. You two have been together for 8 long years, isn't that long enough time to know what to do? Stop the excuses!! )

Q: What's your view on fashion? What's your style?
S: When performing on stage, so to get the stage effect I pay great attention to my image. But in private I'm quite casual but there's one thing I insist on and that is, must be clean look, that's my bottom line.  If the look is clean than so long the clothing is comfortable it's fine. Like right now, no need to perform, no need to go in the spotlight, this is how I am - a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, that's it. Very casual, so long it's comfortable.  This is my viewpoint on fashion.

Q: Your skin is maintain very well, what's the secret.
S: Sports -- most men are like that. Like to do sports,let the body sweat - both detoxifying and healthy.  Besides that, apply some replenishing moisturizer - not too much, just pat on some, that's enough. The thing is, be consistent. 

Q: Recently you did an endorsement for SK-II counter, any gain?
S: I participated in a SK-II event. I've learned a lot, like had just attended a class. The hostess explained the products' usage to me so increased my knowledge about the women skin care products.[..]

Note: I think most of Steven's answers are just a cut and paste lifted from his past interviews to augment a most probably brief interview or an email questionnaire interview, especially the segment on love cos' even the wordings sound the same.  on a 2007 radio interview

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