Saturday, April 6, 2013

CRHK circles: Steven on his HiFi Quality album production

The song played is 好想拥抱一个人 (Really want to hug someone).  The past few months Steven has been working on his album composing, writing and recording songs.

He explains the production and recording of his hifi superior quality (fa-siu 發燒碟) album. Actual vocal and music are separated.
a)First, the album supervisor did a computerized music arrangement for a preliminary demo disk/file.

b)Second, Steven goes to the studio to record his vocal singing accompanied by the digital instrument music.

c) This demo disk is later sent to relevant people in places including HK and LA. These people accordingly arranged the actual real life instrumental music.  They then sent the the file to Steven. 

d) When Steven received the actual instrumental recording file, only then did he record the song with the actual instrumental music in the studio for the final take.

e) For every song, a specific microphone is chosen for best performance of the singing.

f) Steven paid just as much attention to his singing on the demo disk as the finalized, so that the instrumental music coordinator can get the feel of Steven's singing of the song, thus arranged the music accordingly with different music instruments to evoke the right kind of mood. This is a kind of respect shown to the musicians so they can play with feeling to the song.

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