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NOTICE: Steven's unconfirmed TVB May series

Unconfirmed series: Leung Choi Yuen's 《守业者》 30 episodes

salient points per below article:
Drama: an early Republic/pre-modern time frame
cast: Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Evergreen Mak, Maggie Shiu, Natalie Tong (unconfirmed)
Steven's role: a military person returns to his hometown, he's the 3rd young master, his family is in silk business, he and Evergreen are brothers


- a murder in his family so he and the female lead investigate the crime,
- on location shoots in Guangzhou to depict the countryside lifestyle,
- cottage industry (silk), folklore, custom and cultures -
- 自梳女  = sisterhood of same ideals - pledge against marriage, keep selves virginal, spinster, independent


Steven Ma and Tavia Yeung Have Chance to Reunite
credit: hyn5
April 6 2013

It is rumoured that Steven Ma would be returning to TVB to film series, taking part in frequently collaborating producer Leung Choi Yuen's new series "Property Protector". It is said that this series originally starred Bobby Au Yeung; however, because Bobby's body hasn't fully recovered, he would be focusing on resting after completing the filming of "Always and Ever". Because of this, Leung Choi Yuen needs to find another male lead; Steven is one of the candidates.

Leung Choi Yuen said, "Steven has not signed the contract yet, so cannot confirm yet. Certainly, he is the candidate I have in mind. Also have Evergreen Mak, Tavia Yeung, Maggie Shiu, etc. The series will begin filming in mid-May. The background is pre-modern like the countryside series 'Plain Love'. Will go to Guangzhou to do location filming".

Because Bobby is unable to take part, Leung Choi Yuen has rewritten the story, changing from a modern series to a pre-modern series. He added, "Not changing roles or substituting. Using an entirely new script. This is an investigation series about a family murder case. The male lead is a soldier who returns to his native place. The family runs a silk business. He is the third son. Facing the murder of a family member, the male lead and the female lead investigate the case together. Going to Guangzhou in hopes to show the countryside, which has not appeared for a long time. Also having spinsters who work in the silk factory...want to express their bright and beautiful side".

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macao daily april 7 2013
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