Thursday, April 4, 2013

UPDATE notice: Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer is now airing on TVB channel in Korea, and also on some mainland tv channels but  its title《蒲松龄》is renamed 《画坊风云》.

《当旺爸爸》Daddy Good Deeds will soon be aired on a Shanghai tv station.

7 Days in Life will re-run on TVB Jade station starting April 8th Monday thru Friday at 11:45 am.

An as usual, Duke of Mt. Deer re-runs in many mainland tv channels, and viewers (weibo & baidu) calling that version a classic, and the best of all DOMD re-makes, and that they never get bored watching Wei Xiao Bo and KangXi's scenes.

Mainland tv viewers complained that all tvb series when aired on mainland tv channels are so badly edited that the story flow is adversely affected, like Ghost Writer -- many scenes have been deleted.

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