Thursday, April 4, 2013

UPDATED 4/4/2013 circles: 3-27-2013 & 4-4-2013 segments

1圈圈 3-27-2013 Steven Ma: Behind closed door, practise singing to be a singer again.

The past few months Steven has isolated himself to prepare for his new music album. (10 songs in all ?) The mini music album is totally organic in that there is absolutely no technology enhancement to his singing and that real music instruments are used as accompaniment. 7 of the songs in the album though resembling Christian songs are not praise songs but are pop songs that have a  theme centering on universal love including familial love, friendship, etc.  The other 3 songs are regular pop songs.  What Steven finds most stressful is that half the songs on the album are composed and written by him. He's already finished 4 of the 5 songs, leaving one one to do, so these days he has isolated himself to get the last song done.  The other 5 songs are composed and written by others, one of them is a Singaporean renowned, folk song singer, songwriter and writer, 梁文福. Steven is very thankful that he (Singaporean) charges minimal to compose the songs, and pay attention to Steven's criteria. Steven is truly enjoyed immersing himself in making music.

note: The song in the background is Steven's old song -- Honey - 蜜糖

*jesssim weibo: 四哥说的新加坡音乐人,梁文福老师, 是新加坡杰出的新谣歌手, 著名的音乐创作者及写作人。 他所做的歌真的不错, 哪么, 应该是国语歌吧! 

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1圈圈: 馬浚偉 - 重返樂壇要有新感覺

~~Verbatim translation~~
Actually in recent years, besides acting I never give up on my creative work.  The year before in 2011, I published a book entitled "Easy cooking, healthy life", to add to my earlier five other books (published in the past)..  I've never abandoned my literary work. Last year I learned how to write script.  This time to prepare for my music album besides writing lyrics I also composed music. I'm not a music person - I entered the music industry because I did learn singing from music teachers but I never learned formally on how to play a musical instrument.  However, in the early days when I released music albums I did learn how to play the electronic keyboard. so now I fall back on my keyboard at home to compose different melodies, get them recorded and send to the composition supervisor to come up with a preliminary song.   

My one requirement for composing the music and writing the lyrics is that I must be by myself, isolated from all extraneous distraction, absolute silence, tv or any sound emitting stuff must be turned off.  With eyes closed, I would sit before a keyboard letting loose my creativity on the keys - to come up with a tune I like.  At this moment in time, I came up with 4 songs, can't said the whole process was extremely difficult but they were indeed challenging since I haven't release a music album for so long, (last album was in 2003)  so I hope to present a fresh feel to the listeners. I always said to the music composition supervisor and music friends that it must have this one thing, (substance??)  The songs must have a fresh feel, including my own singing style - attentive to using different voice range for different song - low pitch, medium pitch etc.  I want to use my rather strong, deep voice that my parents bestowed on me to draw in th listeners. 

TN: Don't understand why the DJ played an irrelevant female singer's song in the background. So discourteous to Steven! Why not played Steven's song?


  1. I wonder that when the album is released, how can I get it...
    Don't know that if you can buy it?

  2. The album is scheduled to be released in June. Don't know how to buy it. But his old music albums were carried in yesasia when they came out.