Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Steven Ma Negotiating Contract Details 東方互動 專訊】2013-4-17 During his interview at a radio station, Steven Ma reveals that TVB has prepared for his return to TVB to shoot a tv series, and that yesterday he discussed the details with TVB Director of Production Department, Catherine Tsang.

He says: "They want me to sign a one-series-per- year contract. I just want to sign a per contract per each series I accept, but they want me to sign for a longer period . So right now we are still discussing the details."

Furthermore, he said when he got up from bed this morning he heard the news that Sita Chan  (陳僖儀) has passed away.  He feels that life is so unpredictable, plus all the recent news on people dying and being injured, Steven hopes that artistes can help promote more positive energy.

eta: pix surreptitiously taken by the weibo uploaded. She said Steven is much more handsome in person than on screen.  credit as labeled.  For me, when I saw Steven in person, it is not so much Steven looks better in person but that he is real, filled with life's energy and vitality, and very in your face presence - truly a very attractive man to behold. 


  1. Oh, I hope I will have a chance to see Steven in person too. ^^~. Seem not very soon... >"<

    1. If you are so fated then you will, so no need fretting over it. There was this fan living in Texas, US, and when Steven was in the stage play, Hamlet, she especially flew there for the weekend just so she could watch him in two show times. Too bad she was too shy to go backstage to greet him. Said it was absolutely worth the trip cos' this opportunity may not come around again.