Friday, October 4, 2013

file converter software

Any good recommendations for a free vob converter to wmv, flv, rvmb?

I use format factory but the output is very blur. 
I would like to upload specific scene clips from dvd on to this site. Thanks!


  1. I am using "Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate". Can convert to HD in all kind of file. (mkv, mp4, avi... to .flv, rvmb...) You should try it!

    1. Thanks! Will do so right now.

    2. Crystin: But my converted file has this Wondershare watermark smack in the video cos' I used the free trial version. Plus the conversion took hours to complete.

    3. Yes it is. I have to download a crack file to use it. I know that not good... Sorry that I can not help much. ^^
      Oh, or you can try this:
      (just found it, try it then! ^^)

  2. Well, I'm trying out prism converter to see how it's like. If not may just have to give up on uploading dvd scenes on here. Hat's off to those who uploaded dvd after dvd onto the net, so tedious. Also, I don't dare to just simply dl free softwares from the net cos' of possible virus. Tks, anyway. Don't know if it is my computer or not but the output quality (conversion or dl from youtube, Chinese video site, format factory, wondershare, realplayer, vlc, leawo) is all inferior to the input.