Sunday, November 17, 2013

At a friend's wedding

Steven at a former tvb colleague wedding.
source: 李綺雯 11/16  00:32

another pix from oriental sunday bottom right link (just ignore the title)
and this 今天 12:10

lol! hkchannel link  - just read the article as another one of HK tabloids' ridiculous picture prompt article. Poor Charmaine of yet another slanderous article, and poor Steven for being collateral damage.

Props to tabloid journalism - see the added sweat drop on the back of Steven's head? lol! Props to a fertile tabloid imagination.

The originating report said that Charmaine was plying her charms and red wine on Steven but to no avail because he is already taken. To emphasize Steven's discomfit at Charmaine's attention, sweat drops were ps on his head, and allegedly like Monk Tang his whole posture was stiff as if trapped in a dangerious situation. Allegedly to get away from the uncomfortable attention, Steven spent most of the night socializing with the men.

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