Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Steven's works-in-progress

most used pix in Steven's weibo

11/19/2013  01:04
Talk so boastfully? Why not do something epic;
So strong as to be invincible? Why not go forward to test the water;
Submerged in narcissism? Why not open window to gaze at daylight;*
Ignore what lies before your eyes? Why not face the reality .
The essay "Live" taken from the brand new collection of essays in 「圖文並謬」

* note: as opposed to daydream

Apparently, besides 2nd music album in preparation stage, Steven is also preparing his 圖文並謬 book 2 for publication. Good luck to him.

無視眼前一切?不如重新面對現實 。


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