Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Good news notice -- The Legend of Kublai Khan will air on TVB late December

11月20日 23:48Siu Ming gor from the start had already reserved the role of Liu Bin Zhong for young master (tn: Steven) but was opposed and obstructed by someone, consequently Siu Ming had to find another actor, and even had the latter's head shaved.  Ultimately...ultimately Siu Ming gor still wanted young master for the role. That's why I'm very grateful to Siu Ming gor and Amy jie (tn: his wife), and also 阿區 ..thanks.  And now Kublai Khan achieves such good results, blossoming everywhere, I myself also shed copious tears! Congratulations to Siu Ming gor and Amy jie.  [嘻嘻][爱心传递]

Note: I can only imagine how angry and frustrated both Tsui jie and Steven were at that person for obstructing this hard earned opportunity to film such a big budget, high profile series and under such a renowned director to boot. No wonder Tsui is still emotional at recalling that period. 

2013-11-20 21:35「忽必烈傳奇」The Legend of Kublai Khan will air late December on TVB hd channel. This battle,  tough to fight ya! In the end, won! Young Master [爱心传递]

Btw, The Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder (建元风云-忽必烈传奇)has been changed to The Legend of Kublai Khan. 「忽必烈傳奇」(because of China Films and TV Series' order. Probably KB is not acknowledged by China government as the founder of Yuan Empire? )

Reportedly, 【安徽卫视2014年待播电视剧】Anhui satellite station will air this series in 2014. So far, this series has been aired on local/online China tv station(s) and in Malaysia.


  1. Cool! Though I still remember TVB's original excuse of not wanting to let Steven film this series because TVB wasn't going to buy the rights to air it. Not sure if something changed somewhere along the line or TVB was once again just giving a BS excuse. In any case, glad to know that an airing date is imminent!

    1. Guess because Director Tsui won the Caff best director award and the series is on the top 10 best China tv series list? We all know TVB is full of bs. But can be sure it's decision is always self-motivated to its benefit.