Saturday, November 30, 2013

weibo 11/30/2013 Steven Ma et all on Detour Matters Music Box tram

11月30日 17:50First time sitting inside a tram like this. [哈哈]

Steven and Joyce are very close friends.

Steven 11月30日 22:54A happy and meaningful event. [奥特曼]

William Lam weibo: Today at 5 pm, Joyce Coi, Steven Ma, Wan Kwong, and I will ride the  Detour Music Box Detour stage tram to tour Hong Kong island. We will sing and discuss songs while bringing music to downtown! If see us, greet us ba!  

TN: Steven with Joyce Coi, Wan Kwong, and dj William Lam in Detour Matters - Music Box
Pictures source: william lam @ metroradio dj weibo

Detour Matters - Hong Kong website link
Metroradio program【Music Box】【Detour 2013 非凡電車之旅】! at 2:30pm-4pm.


岩岩係微博見到@馬浚偉 post完電車照出黎,一落街就見到呢架電車經過

Above pix uploaded by random weiboan at 11/30/2013 5:44 pm. She said: Just saw Steven uploaded the tram pix onto weibo, and right as I went out (tn: into the city) the tram passed by. [偷笑]

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