Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weibo: PP's themesong

2013-11-30 14:19 Finished recording  Propety Protector's 「守業者」themesong " Heaven's/God's Will「天意」. Recalling the scenes matched with the song, a tear Melody:張家誠 lyrices: 張美賢 music composition/supervisor: Johnny Yim.

TN: With its themesong recording done, guess PP's airing is not too far off.  Given its non-festive plot, can't be aired in the timeslots of Christmas-New Year-Chinese New Year period, but then TVB's actions are never rational. In fact despite its non-festive plot Steven-Tavia's Sweetness in the Salt was actually scheduled for a CNY timeslot but in the end was shelved due to its supposedly bloody scenes galore but Astro Malaysia went ahead with the schedule airing it as planned airing it during the CNY period.  Before I would have complained about PP airing on graveyard timeslot because of low rating but now I don't care any more - just need a fix for my Steven Ma series withdrawl. 

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