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Steven Ma to Debut as Movie Director

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Yesterday, as the event ambassadors, Steven Ma and Kandy Wong (Tong Mui) attended the  "Safe Driving and Health Campaign for Commercial Vehicle Drivers" 「至fit安全駕駛大行動」. Steven,  a honorary HK Safety Patrol Ambassador, expressed that though he is a careful driver, he has two experiences of being fined and points taken off for speeding, both times because he was too tired after filming and was too eager to get home. In the future he will be more cautious as he does not want to affect other people's lives.

Recently Steven has been busy preparing his 2nd music album this year, and also formulating his future development plans in mainland. He says once his "China TaoYuan Steven Ma Work Studio" (中國桃園馬浚偉工作室後) is established, the owner agreed to grant him an annual investment of 30 million yuan to film a movie and to act in two tv series.

He has already finished writing a  modern drama movie script. When asked if his newly established studio will sign up Fala Chen, Steven says: "Would like to! If it happens it will be in the latter half of next year. I've spoken of it once to Fala. Her reaction was: "Ah Goh, whatever you say!『阿哥,你話點就點!』" (Per her response, chances are high?)

Steven laughs: "If I ask, she dares say no? We are very close.  We'll have fun working together. Fala, Tavia and Linda are my 'sisters'.  If all three sisters can film together that would be even better.  This would be my debut as a director, so would like to have friends' support. This way, I'll have more confidence."   (TVB will release them?)  "My relationship with TVB is ok gei!"

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Wenweipon reporter : 李慶全 video link

video: Steven says that he will never drink and drive. As ambassador of this cause, it would be terribly embarrassing and a loss of face for him, not to mention hypocritical, if he was caught driving under the influence.

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haha!  Steven so high profile of his wish to have all 3 sisters in his debut movie.

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馬仔最近忙灌錄今年第二張唱片,計劃未來繼續於內地發展. 他指成立了中國桃園馬浚偉工作室後,老闆答應每年給予他3千萬投資拍電影及演出兩齣劇集,最近他就寫成了一個時裝電影劇本,問到他新成立的工作室是否會簽陳法拉時,與法拉以兄妹相稱的馬浚偉說:「想o架!如果真係成事嘅話,會係下半年嘅事 ,跟法拉傾過一次,她反應是『阿哥,你話點就點!』(佢咁講成數好高?)馬仔笑說:「如果我開聲,她夠膽話唔肯?其實她簽了誰不重要,我倆很好感情,法拉鍾意拍戲她又演技好,同到佢合作一定好開心會好開心,法拉、楊怡和鍾嘉欣都是我『妹妹』,如果3個阿妹都拍就好了. 我第一次做導演希望大班朋友支持,這樣我信心也會大一點。」(TVB點肯放人?)我同TVB關係OK嘅!」

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