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UPDATED 講好音樂 1/28/2014 Steven as radio guest DAB31 1/27/2014-1/30/2014

 Jackielhy @ tudou upload

archive link 1/29/2014
Steven's 1st female duet singer was Sally Yip.
Pre-tvb his duet singers were Sally Yip, Gigi Lai, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, Francis Yip
---Deanie Yip's concert
-----multi-talented Mainland artists


archive listening: 1/28/2014 link ;
live from 10:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Early singing career hardshi
HK 1990s music world
Favorite male singer
How does Steven keep his youthful looks?

salient points
--- Steven thought of quitting entertainment after 3 years when singing contract not renewed and returned to previous company. 
Miu Miu praises Steven for his gift of gab, articulate in interviews; Steven says he has no problem speaking in public cos' he was in sales before.
---Stiff & intense competition in the 1990s HK music industry - the 4 Heavenly Kings. 4 Heavenly Queens, Grasshoppers, Jordan Chan et al, liked Jacky Cheung so tried to emulate his singing.
Did not touch on last question -- maybe tomorrow?

Songs played:
opening song = youtube 这刻向你冲
Steven's winning song 李香兰 sang by Jacky Cheung; may I say this song is so, so very long?
And some other songs that I never heard before, and talk a bit about Eason. 
And then another song (Mandarin )I never heard before. 
Actually Miu Miu spent more time playing other people's songs than Steven's or talking with Steven. 


Steven as guest on 1/27/2014 10:30 pm "講好音樂" radio program presented by 夏妙然

archive site to listen to replay: rthk DAB31 channel

Tomorrow 1/28 until 1/30/2014 at precisely 10:30 pm listen live on this site rthk DAB31  click the headphone icon beside 網上直播 Live收聽 for 《講好音樂》

related link 夏妙然 weibo 1月25日 02:01

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